First Snow


First Snow is a clear based glitter topper mix of various shaped white matte glitters including hexes, circles, and snowflakes in a clear base. Also mixed throughout are iridescent glitters making this polish resemble when the sunlight reflects off snow. This polish would be great layered over any color. Please note that the snowflake glitters are heavy and tend to sink to the bottom. They easily slide off the brush so some fishing may be required. Two coats of topcoat is suggested to smooth down the snowflakes.

Swatches are two coats over various base colors plus topcoat.

Polish is in a 15mL/.05 fl oz round bottle. Apply a top coat for smoothest finish.

**Please note that since all polishes are hand mixed pigments may settle. Two stainless steel agitator balls are included to help, so just give the bottle a shake before using and if needed in between coats. All polishes are hand mixed individually or in small batches. Polishes may slightly vary from what is pictured.