• Image of Winter Wishes
  • Image of Winter Wishes
  • Image of Winter Wishes

Returning from the holiday 2015 collection

Winter Wishes is a polish inspired by the cool snowy months of the year. This polish can be worn all Christmas and winter long. It is a pale blue crelly with various shades of blue hexes that are metallic, holo, and matte. There are blue holo stars and white matte hexes as well. Opaque in 3 coats. This polish is more sheer than other crellies, as nail line still may be slightly visible in 3 coats.

Swatch is 3 coats plus topcoat.

**Please note that since all polishes are hand mixed pigments or glitter may settle. Two stainless steel agitator balls are included to help, so just give the bottle a shake before using and if needed in between coats. For polishes with larger glitters, please place upside down for a while before using so the glitters will be easier to get out of the bottle. All polishes are hand mixed individually or in small batches.

I do my best to portray the polish colors accurately. Due to lighting in the photos, polishes may slightly vary from what is pictured. They may also vary depending on the monitor you are viewing on.


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